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Barry Plaskow

Entrepreneur and Guerrilla Marketer

Digital marketer, author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, philanthropist and creator of some of the most innovative solutions for online marketers on the web.

I Wanted To Know If Barry Plaskow's Really Successful Is A Scam - Then I Heard His Story And The Runaway Success Of His Students

Barry Plaskow, The Really Successful Story

Barry Plaskow is not your average business guru or success story. Just a mere 12 years ago, Barry was on verge of losing his house after wasting his money investing in what turned out to be a really successful online scam that promised him a way to make money online. Barry decided at that moment that this will be his lowest point, and he will learn from his mistakes and become a more improved, successful, focused, and prosperous version of himself. Little did he know that he eventually will become a successful entrepreneur, founder of Really Successful limited, and co-founder of Umbrella Micro Enterprises as well as various online products.

From that moment on, Barry drastically changed his business and lifestyle mindset. It took great time, focus and effort, and after 2 years of bouncing around hundreds of marketing ideas and many strenuous rounds of trial and error, Barry decided to exclusively focus on one idea and put all his energy and attention on it. His idea was to build a business model that will build a platform for clients to host thousands of successful e-commerce businesses.

Barry built a business model where his business will provide the groundwork and a thorough support system for clients to open an online business and storefront and generate sales online through expert e-commerce marketing. As his client base started to grow, his business started to flourish, his office and team grew, and his company Umbrella Micro Enterprises and Really Successful started to host major events at the Sky Lofts in Vegas and also hosted incredible Mastermind events with top-level members of the company.

Although his client base and business started to grow, Barry realized that only 2-3% of general membership were making sales. These statistics are considered a respectable success in the e-commerce world, but since Barry was very confident in his comprehensive business model, as he knew that his detailed platform and groundwork was excellent, but he knew there were additional measures that he can do in order to drive sales so the majority of his clientele can be successful members of Plaskow’s business.

Plaskow took a step back to get a bird’s-eye-view of the company and a clean perspective, and decided to completely revamp his business model. He reduced his team by about 65 percent, scaled down by moving to a smaller office with the goal of finding a single-minded goal where the majority of people can make sales from. He meticulously analyzed his clienteles’ marketing strategies and noticed a continuous loop of actions that his business members were following. They would invest money in sponsored ads on various platforms and constantly put out feelers on many platforms and social media handles, therefore investing precious resources on marketing, which was indeed beneficial for Barry’s company, but not for the clients who didn’t see any sales or successes from their strenuous endeavors and hard work.

Then, Plaskow had a breakthrough. Instead of having his clients do all the footwork of searching for products, quality control, and more, therefore losing their focus, he found a business with a warehouse of over a billion products, and decided to collaborate and to connect warehouse supply providers with his clientele, and have them market and sell those quality products on eBay. This partnership required the clientele to choose which products to upload to their shop, and constantly be consistent with their store and marketing patterns. With this unique method, 15% of Barry's clients were successful, but he said it still wasn't enough. Barry wanted the majority of his members to have sales and high success rates and realized that these requirements, although simple, were challenging for the members that are busy with prior obligations as he knew that his clientele were busy, they had children, family, and more to take care of.

Plaskow decided that his company will take on the footwork and requirements, therefore allowing clients with prior obligations and busy schedules to start closing transactions and sales. Plaskow’s company developed an excellent system where the company finds and adds the products and direct traffic to the client’s e-commerce storefront, and the dramatic change occurred almost immediately. From 15% of Plaskow’s clients to 85% of his clientele are making sales within their first month of joining as a member. The successes continue to grow as the members who stay focused and single-minded raised their profit margins from 3-5% to 8-15% in just a few months. Barry’s secret “potion” to great success is focus. Focus is and will always be the key factor behind his growth and successes. For the past ten years until this day, Barry has been working with this method and is passionate about teaching his methods and strategies.

Barry is a successful entrepreneur, as founder of Really Successful Limited and co-founder of Umbrella Micro Enterprises and is constantly perfecting his strategies and business methods. He has taught brilliant strategies to his clients over the past ten years and has driven clients to great successes with a revenue of eight-figures and is responsible for helping 20,000 students make their first sales online.

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  • What Experts Say About Barry Plaskow

    Jay Conrad Levinson

    "I have known Barry Plaskow now for 4 years. When he 1st came to me in 2008 he was a struggling entrepreneur, barely making money. But Barry was determined to learn Guerrilla Marketing and apply to his business. His results have been nothing short of remarkable. He has built a 7 figure company of his own and has helped nearly 20,000 beginners start a profitable business. When Barry talks, you should listen because he has the strategies and teaching ability to help you succeed!. 

    Russel Brunson

    "Barry is the go to person when it comes to webinars. Best of all, he makes doing webinars so easy. Thanks, Barry!"

    Damien Zemora

    "Barry is the undisputed webinar king. Not only has he made us close to $1M, his ability to create killer, winning webinars is 2nd to none."

    About Barry

    Barry Plaskow is known internationally for his incredible insights into online business and the every changing world of online sales and marketing. He has built multiple 7 figure businesses online in different niches from scracth, despite zero business background of his own.

    As Barry always states, if it wasn't for his mentor, the late and great Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerilla Marketing, he would never have achieved his online dream.

    His  passion is to enable an ever growing community to experience their own "Jay" moment