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With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, the e-commerce industry has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights. It has never been a better time for aspiring entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity to rake in some serious money.

However, according to a Forbes study, nearly 90% of industry beginners fail within their first 120 days of operation. Some of the major factors cited are the dominance Amazon and eBay have over the market, lack of online search visibility, and investing in the wrong products despite them being "hot" products reviewed by industry "experts."

Many, including myself, have dumped money into online e-commerce courses, which ended up being complete scams. Despite advertising as such, they do not have proven methods that work fast and consistently over time.

That all changed last year when I took the Kibo Code 8-week e-commerce training program developed by multi-millionaires Steve Clayton, a former vice president of a Fortune 500 company, and Aidan Booth, an e-commerce guru. Their novel e-commerce method allowed me, a complete beginner, to dodge the crushing blows Amazon and eBay throws at small online businesses.

After falling into a plethora of scams before, I made sure to do my research before signing up for the Kibo Code course. Kibo Code Quantum is not the first e-commerce training program that Steve and Aiden have introduced. The international popularity of the 1st Kibo Code and of other remarkedly reviewed e-commerce courses, for example, the "The 7 Figure Cycle" and the "100K Factory," provided strong reasons to think that the Kibo Quantum Code is not a scam.

Most importantly, Steve and Aiden's first Kibo Code and other e-commerce systems have passed the spam test with resounding success in an era where everything is accessible on the internet. Thousands of people have taken the Kibo Code e-commerce system can be found who are consistently making thousands of dollars each month.

I now own two online businesses selling the superb, less competitive, and most attractive untapped products on the market with little to no investment. Within a week of launching my online business, organic traffic and conversion traffic rates shot up right off the charts.

All thanks to the Kibo Code.

That was last year, and now I, along with countless others, are ready to infinitely boost our profits with the Kibo Code Quantum program set to launch on January 26th. It is not a relaunch of the original Kibo Code but rather a brand-new system based on some of the first program's core principles.

With multi-millionaires leading the way again who have proven to me and thousands of others that their system works, I have full confidence that Kibo Code Quantum is not a scam and will boost my bottom line exponentially.

Read my full review of Kibo Code Quantum at www.kibocodes.com.

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